Our Partners

Centurion Devlopment, LLC

Centurion Development has successfully completed several historic preservation projects. Co-owner Dustin Richardson comments, “Historic preservation work is detailed and time consuming, but the outcomes are so amazing and rewarding.” Centurion Development also participates in commercial and residential development and provides upscale, unique rental houses and apartments.

C&H Group

C&H Group is committed to offering well-maintained apartments, townhouses, and duplexes in the west Cape Girardeau area. “It is our goal to provide a safe and pleasant place for tenants to live,” shares co-owner Jerrie Heisserer.

Coalter & Felty Investments

Coalter and Felty Investments have a particular interest in reshaping south Cape Girardeau. They accomplish this through their rental houses and apartments in the area. They offer a wide variety of properties that can fit into any budget.

Hamlet Group, LLC

Hamlet Group specializes in restoring and repurposing underutilized and blighted structures. “We try to evolve and tailor our property. The goal is not to be one size fits all, but to have something for all sizes,” says owner Jason Coalter. Additionally, this group also leases commercial properties, apartments, and rental houses.

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